The following tutorial is about painting woodland watercolor wreath. If you have never tried painting a wreath using watercolor before, you may get surprised to know how simple and easy it is to make one. In this tutorial you will also be guided to make “Branches” wreath. It will surely be an elegance piece of art. Are you ready?


  • Watercolor paper with the size of 3”x 3”
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Watercolor set (with the colors of your choice)
  • Watercolor brush (size 0, 1, 2)

The Steps:

  • To star painting the wreath, make straight guidelines that lie at ½” from your paper edges using a pencil. You can make the guidelines with the help of a ruler or simply trace around a square or triangular object. Take a look at the picture below to make the guideline easily.

  • Grab your eraser and erase a little bit of the pencil lines to make it barely seen. This is a trick for painting a watercolor over a pencil line. Make the pencil line so faint so it won’t be visible when the paint brushed on it gets dry.

  • Next, take your watercolors set having the colors of your favorite. Then, create a nice brown tone by adding a bit of water to moisten the color. This is also another trick in painting using watercolor. If you want to have a vivid color on your painting, pre-moisten the watercolor. Let the water soak to the watercolor for about two minutes.

  • After two minutes of moistening the brown watercolor, draw a tree branch using the color with your small brush (the size 0 or 1). Make it along the edge of your paper on the right side, be slightly tapered and uneven at the bottom of it, and in a form of sticks toward the top of the tree, as shown in the picture below. Make sure you use the brush with one of the sizes above to ease the process of drawing the tree.

  • Continue drawing the tree on the other sides of your paper. Don’t forget to leave some spaces in the corner of the paper to separate one tree to another.

  • Once you are done drawing the branches on all the sides of your paper, you will see the result like shown in the picture below:

  • Next, grab your size 2 brush. Dab oblong dots along the branches. Use green color to dab them. Dab the branches in a cluster around the top of the tree branches and the twigs.

  • Continue painting leaves on other tree branches. You don’t need to worry if your leaves are a bit spaced sparsely. You can always add more leaves there. Try to use different shade for drawing other leaves.

  • As the final step, thicken some things out from the paintings by adding another green shade. When you already see the branches are full and look healthy, you are finished with your painting!