Pumpkin is so fun that many people love it so much! It is just as fun as painting it. It is easy and simple but great for your home décor especially for Fall décor. Don’t let your Fall season come with any preparation at your home. Grab your painting supplies and give it a go!


  • #12 Flat brush
  • Americana Decoart paints
  • Georgia Clay
  • Tangelo Orange
  • Folkart Floating Medium
  • Folkart Burnt Umber
  • Brush Caddy
  • Banana Cream or Folk Art Sunflower

The steps:

  • Start your orang pumpkin painting by making a sketch of your pumpkin. In the example below, the sketch of the pumpkin was made a bit leaning forward a tad.

  • Next, take your #12 Flat brush and double load it with Georgia Clay and Tangelo Orange. Start giving a stroke using the Georgia Clay first by pulling your brush side down the pumpkin ridges’ outside edges. Then, continue making a stroke with the Tangelo Orange by pulling the brush toward the center.

  • Paint the both sides of the pumpkin ridges when you reach the center of it. Then, load your brush with Tangelo Orange to fill in the center of the pumpkin.

  • Next, load your brush with the Banana Cream or Sunflower yellow to make some highlight to the pumpkin. When doing this, make sure that the paint is still wet and you don’t clean your brush. Just reload it without removing the previous colors in the brush.

  • Now, clean your brush, dry it, and double load it with Sunflower and Burnt Umber. Then, make a stroke upwards the stem of the pumpkin.

  • The last step will be about giving other small details to your pumpkin painting. This detail is optional, meaning that you can choose to add it or just end your pumpkin painting up to step no 5. If you want to go further with the details, give some shadow around the edges of the pumpkin on the outside. Also, add a little bit white highlights. Next, spare some minutes to review your work. If you think your stem is too narrow, for example, you can fix the base of the stem by widening it.

After giving some additional details to your painting, you are now done with the orange pumpkin. You now have a gorgeous decorative item for welcoming the Fall season. What you need to do now is to find the best spot to display your art. Happy welcoming Fall season!