Your fall season would not be complete without fall-themed decorations at your home. Welcome the season by giving your home additional items. If you don’t want it to be complicated, you can just simply paint. Yes, paint fall oak leaves! Check the following tutorial and make your own autumn craft and décor! 


  • Autumun leaves
  • Buttercup
  • Brushes
  • Pure Orange
  • One stroke set
  • Graphite paper
  • Paint color: Goldenrod, Burnt Umber, Pueblo, Raw Sienna

The Steps:

  • To begin with, transfer your leave design on a graphite paper before painting it. After that, load up your ¾”brush with Buttercup paint color. Fill in your leaf with the color using a smaller flat brush.

  • Next, without cleaning your brush, load your brush with a contrasting color such as Pure Orange. Look at the picture below to see the look of the brush after loading it up with a different color. Just dip the corner of the brush into an orange-ish color then blend the colors a bit on your palette

  • Next, paint the orange shade to the left side of the leaf. Don’t forget to blend the colors as you go. Do this step while the yellow paint is still wet.

  • Repeat step 3 until you cover all along the leaf edge.

  • Go on to the right side of the leaf and paint the edge there. You can either use the same color as what’s used on the left side or put a new color such as Autumn Leaves. If you want to change the color for the right side of the leaf, don’t forget to wipe your brush out on a paper towel or a dry rag. You don’t need to clean the brush, just remove the paint excess. The remaining orange shade in the brush will create a tone for the leaf, which is great.

  • Now that you have finished painting the right side of the leaf, you can see the two sides of the leaf are alike. Don’t worry if your painting is not tidy and neat. That’s what it is supposed to be instead. The little bit messy painting will create an interesting mottled color.

  • Next, make the veins of the leaf. Drag down the corner of your brush to create straight lines mimicking veins of a leaf. Repeat this step to the other side of the leaf. Your oak leaf is done!